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Are you interested in Flips, Rentals, Multi Family, or Commercial Properties? Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, you’ve come to the right place! Perhaps you lack the Time, Expertise, Energy, Deal Flow, or Market Reach to find good deals? Or maybe you’re interested in increasing your Project Volume because your bandwidth is full?

We have a comprehensive infrastructure established in strategic markets to handle every aspect of the process (Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Renovations, Property Management, and Exit Strategies). To put it simply, we acquire properties for our investors (based upon their specific criteria) when they are ready to go, thoroughly vet them, renovate them, and either help sell or manage them, depending upon the project.

    We are Experts and Investors who live in our markets. We know what properties should be bought and sold for, what areas are good and bad, what finishes are called for in each neighborhood, realistic market rents, accurate timelines for renovations, days on market, and placing tenants, as well as city/code ordinances.
    Tap into our ASSEMBLY LINE and OUTSOURCE the Heavy Lifting to us!

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    STEP ONE: Consultation

    Schedule a call with one of our experts to determine if we’re a good fit. We’ll review  your experience with real estate, your goals, criteria, budget, and timeline. You will learn how we operate, about the markets we operate in, the typical numbers involved, etc. Together we will plan your ideal next investment and create a business strategy if you don’t already have one. One of our team will conduct a thorough zoom screen share to walk you through, in granular detail, how we operate, what to expect, and how we can help you achieve your investment goals.


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    STEP TWO: Matchmaking

    “We don’t make it until you order it” in a similar fashion to a restaurant. Once you have funds and are ready to go, we send our acquisition teams out to procure properties that match what you’re looking for.  Our boots on the ground walk and thoroughly vet each property, perform due diligence, and compile a scope of work for any necessary renovations, updates, or repairs. A top local real estate agent works with our team to produce realistic after repair values, market rental rates, days on market trends, etc. Our marketing department compiles that information into property fliers that we send and review with you. Assuming the property is a good fit, we then proceed to execution of documents/contracts. 





    STEP THREE: Execution

    Once all documents have been signed, funds wired in, and title has closed in your name or LLC, we hit the ground running. Our team will recommend a quality, local property insurance vendor  as well as assist with initiating utilities on your behalf. Our boots on the ground begin renovations or repairs on your property. We provide weekly renovation updates on all projects to all investors, providing you with the transparency and visibility needed for remote projects to be successful. You live your life, we complete your project. Once renovations are complete, we assist with your exit strategy. Flip? We’ll connect you to a top local listing agent. Rental? Our Property Management colleagues will screen and place qualified tenant(s) and manage your asset for you.


    Exterior Renovations

    Exterior Renovations

    From color to curb appeal, people see the outside first. Our crews don’t just “fix up” the exterior – they create a look that makes the neighborhood proud.

    Interior Renovations

    Interior Renovations

    Our expert boots on the ground know their markets and know which materials to use for renovations and/or value add, whether it’s a cash flow or flip. Different markets and neighborhoods call for different materials and finishes.



    Standard of Excellence

    Our mission is to provide simple, comprehensive real estate investments and to do things the right way – every time. We value our investors more than our profits. When you invest with us, you can expect mint-condition results, quality customer service, and unwavering integrity.

    Interior Renovations 

    Exterior Remodels

    “As a full-time employee, full-time dad and husband, and a part-time entrepreneur, I don’t have time to be a full-time real estate investor. I’ve interviewed and purchased from several real estate service providers out of state with mixed results. The toughest part of being an out of state investor is trust. I can genuinely say that I can trust Amie and Amanda. Amie and Amanda are real partners who won’t turn their back on you when things get tough. They put their customers before their profit, which is rare in this business. I will invest with them for many years to come.”

    Nate P.

    Denver, Colorado

    “Amie and her team at Investmint Properties have been absolutely wonderful to do business with. They are extremely professional and diligent with their work. As investors, it is so important to have trust and feel completely comfortable and confident working with a company on out of state investments. Amie and her team check all the boxes when it comes to being trustworthy and reputable. We are so happy to continue to work with them and follow their guidance on our investment needs!” 

    Jesse D.

    San Diego, California

    “We are proud to announce that we have partnered with InvestMint Properties! Amie is amazing at what she does and will be a huge asset to our clients. We will be collaborating in markets that we are both in as well as opening up brand new markets!”

    Mike McCulley & Randal Polse

    Phoenix, Arizona, Spartan Property Group

    “Amie is the real deal. We have worked with her before in PA and will again.”

    Keith G.

    Nashville, Tennessee

    “Brandon Carlton and his team do a wonderful job at generating solid investment properties for busy professionals new to investing, to seasoned investors with established teams. I am happy to be working with him.”

    Travis H.

    Oceanside, California

    “Hey you investors out there…Brandon is a great guy, a straight shooter. If you are looking for good, off market MF deals, Brandon is your guy!!!”

    Peter S.

    Irvine, California

    “Working with you guys was ABSOLUTELY seamless and a breath of fresh air. I would love to
    connect others to the business opportunities and platform that you guys have. Thank you!”

    Nathaniel H.


    “I was skeptical when I first heard about Investmint. But long distance real estate investing is the
    way to go. I was able to trust in the expertise of the company and rely on them to know the area,
    which renovations add value and how to best market and sell the home quickly. They took care
    of everything. No headache, no decision making. I would recommend Investmint to anyone who
    wants to get involved in real estate investing. It doesn’t take as much money as you think and it’s very profitable. I can’t wait to do work with them again.”

    Michael P.


    “Working with the team at Investmint Properties has been a great experience! They know the market and have been spot on with each of my properties. They make the process easy and communication is excellent! They truly care about you and strive to make your investment successful. Highly recommend!”

    Sherri K.

    Orange County, California

    You guys absolutely rock. You guys made it so passive that I almost forgot about the property haha.

    Nick E.


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