Building Futures

Our Process

Using our many different sources of inventory, we are able to acquire off market, under-priced properties in A and B class neighborhoods on a frequent basis. The location of the properties helps us determine whether they would produce better as a flip or a buy and hold. These properties are off-market and under-valued, and are typically distressed, foreclosed, or estate sales. Our acquisition team is in contact with banks, attorneys, and private owners to make sure we get the most profit for our investors. 


Once we get a property under contract, we fully vet it and evaluate the scope of work necessary for renovations to bring the property up to fair market value. We focus on four important factors during this process: roofing, electrical, foundation, and plumbing. This thorough assessment process enables us to determine the timeline for renovations to be completed. Our aim is to bring on projects that can be fully renovated within a four to six-week timeframe to ensure a quick ROI for our investors. When we present a property to an investor, we can offer an ETA on completion as well as the ARV (after repair value) because we know the market so well. Throughout the entire process, we have open communication with our investors. Weekly updates and pictures are provided to our investors so that they can oversee the renovations without having to be physically on-site.

Our company has a turnkey niche with design packages offered to our investors in our HOT markets, which allows them to pick and choose the final look once renovations are complete. Since we’ve been operating in these regions, we’ve developed a well established infrastructure in these areas, including Project Managers, Contracting Crews, Property Managers, a Title Company, and a team of top Realtors that we work with. Having all of these “boots on the ground” ensures that our business model runs smoothly.

Ready to Go

Buyer’s Board (Matchmaking) 

This option is perfect for ready-to-go investors who have liquid capital to work with and know what type of property they’re looking to invest in. Our executive team is actively searching for properties to match the criteria of the investors on our Buyer’s Board. Once a property comes across our radar that matches what an investor is seeking, we reach out to the investors on the Board and offer the property to them first. Whoever wants the property needs to sign documents and wire funds within 1-2 days, because our deals move so quickly. Once the title of the home is transferred into the investor’s name, we begin renovations on the property.

Casually Looking

Text/Email List

  1. This option is a passive approach to investing and is suitable for investors who are casually looking for opportunities. When we come across a property that matches the criteria of these investors, we send out a text and email to them with information. This method is based on first come, first served. Often times, properties will already have been purchased by investors on our Buyer’s Board before folks on the text/email list can get their hands on them.

When a property is about a week out from renovations being completed, our executive team will contact the investor who bought the property to work out an “exit strategy” to confirm whether the investor wants to flip or hold the property, as well as run a current CMA (comparable market analysis). Most of our investors have a desire to keep their money working for them, so our executive team will help them create a business strategy to roll their profits into subsequent deals to continue earning profits. Our goal is to have long, fruitful relationships with our investors – not one-off deals.


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